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Locals Share Why Anthem Coffee & Tea is a Downtown Puyallup Favorite

March 20, 2018
Last updated September 12, 2019

If you’re looking for a neighborhood hangout, a place to meet up with friends, or just a really good cup of coffee, it’s hard to beat Anthem in Downtown Puyallup!

Located in the heart of Downtown Puyallup (210 W. Pioneer Ave. Puyallup, WA 98371—there are also four other locations in the Washington area), this trendy shop has been keeping the locals buzzing for years. Deeply tuned into the community and dedicated to serving top notch beverages and eats, it’s clear that Anthem is one local staple that is here to stay.

“Anthem is ‘the spot,’” says Marisa Merritt.

“[It has] great energy in an upbeat atmosphere [and it’s a] convenient location to meet up in the center of downtown.” Indeed, Anthem is right in the middle of all the action, just blocks away from the Sounder Train Station and right next to Pioneer Park. “Anthem [is] close to EVERYTHING important,” shares Trish Stone. “The library, the senior center, the spray park, the post office, and if you get really out of hand with your caffeine, the police and fire station!”

There’s definitely no shortage to the great shopping opportunities in the area either.

“If you're meeting for a casual day out, there's so many cute, small business antique shops with[in] walking distance…” says Trish. And, “in the summer, just cross the street for a fantastic farmers market outside the library,” Marisa shares. If you’re new to the area and want a taste of what Puyallup has to offer, Anthem puts you right in the thick of it.

In addition to its fabulous location, Anthem boasts a fantastic and versatile menu of snacks and drinks.

“[Anthem is] a coffee shop but they have some really good wings,” shares Carli Santa Cruz. They also offer naan bread pizzas, delicious breakfast and lunch options, and appetizers that you can share with friends and family (or keep to yourself!). Both Trish and Marisa note one of the more unexpected offerings in Anthem’s line-up: beer and wine. “[Anthem is] a solid happy hour spot serving beer and wine and great live music,” says Marisa. For a complete list of the current drinks on tap at each Anthem location, click here.

However, at its heart, Anthem is all about the coffee.

Their “favorites” menu includes classics like lattes and Americanos, as well as more unique options, like their “Grown-Ups Chocolate Milk,” made with Paradox Cold Brew. “I think Anthem has cornered the market in Puyallup as far as coffee shops go,” says Patti Connolly, a sentiment that Patty Golob echoes.

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