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November 2022
By The Numbers

$535,000 median sold price -0.47% 1 month +2.80% 1 year
new 1003
active 1933
pending 1082
sold 1162
$907,500 median sold price +3.58% 1 month +17.36% 1 year
new 1991
active 3276
pending 1848
sold 1162
$512,500 median sold price -5.37% 1 month +14.64% 1 year
new 317
active 590
pending 386
sold 1162
$500,000 median sold price +2.06% 1 month +21.00% 1 year
new 353
active 582
pending 320
sold 1162
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Through the Windermere Ready program, we can front your home improvement costs and provide concierge services to sell your home faster and for a higher price. From decluttering and deep cleaning to major repairs or replacements, together we’ll set your home up for selling success.