Windermere Professional Partners

Windermere Professional Partners’ Toy Donation to Multicultural Child and Family Hope Center!

September 25, 2018
Last updated June 20, 2019

On September 25, 2018 Windermere Professional Partners donated a plethora of toys to the Multicultural Child and Family Hope Center (MCFHC) in Tacoma!

These toys will be used in MCFHC’s facilities for the children to play with, and will also be given to children and their families! From disk golf sets, dolls, musical toys, soccer nets, to water balloons, there was something to fit every age range and interest! (Quite a few toys have been stowed away and will be given to the kiddos during the upcoming holiday season, too!)

Everyone at the Multicultural Child and Family Hope Center was through the roof excited about the toys! A special shout out to REALTOR® DeAnne Davidson, REALTOR® Devin Scherck, and their family for bringing in the toys to donate! Click here to watch DeAnne’s live video of the donation!

The Multicultural Child and Family Hope Center is a non-profit human services agency that provides culturally relevant support services to children and families. Childcare, parent-child visitation, emergency respite, job training and health support are just some of the ways the center works with families and children. A positive relationship between teacher and student is an important factor in the social, emotional and academic development of a child. The MCFHC strives to ensure that balance. Click here to learn more about the Multicultural Child and Family Hope Center, or follow them on Facebook!