Windermere Professional Partners


testing June 17, 2011
How many Realtors does it take to assemble furniture? Lay out 20 yards of beauty bark? Clean up all the trash on 6th Avenue’s sidewalks? Today the Realtors at Windermere Professional Partners are finding out! All 3 Offices are Closed in Honor of Windermere Professional Partners Community Service Day and right now Tacoma is crawling with Realtors getting their hands dirty to help out around town.

First stop is Tacoma Community House. Tacoma Community House was founded and 1910 and has been providing services to our nations newest refugees and immigrants ever since. Their focus is on job training, language classes and translation, and helping Tacoma’s newest citizens become self sufficient. Today, WPP’s job was landscaping the grounds and laying out beauty bark!

WPP Agents Getting Their Hands Dirty!

The next group is all over Tacoma’s 6th Avenue cleaning up trash and debris from the streets and sidewalks. Not a very glamorous job- but the WPP Agents are rocking their orange vests and making a fun day of it!

Finally, the WPP Realtors over at NW Furniture Bank are all over the place. NW Furniture Bank works with non profits all over the county to provide new and used furniture to families in need. Today WPP Realtors are assembling furniture, helping families pick out items for their homes, and loading furniture into moving trucks and delivering right to people’s homes.