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We lost a friend…

Kevin Mullin Professional Headshot of Kevin Mullin September 3, 2015

Earlier this week our friend Chip Butzko suddenly passed away. For those of us that know him, we know that he would be uncomfortable with me writing this note, so I hope he can forgive me.

I felt the need to share because it is rare to find someone on this planet that is so comfortable with themselves. Chip looked to impress no one, and his ethics and commitment to his family and his clients is something I always admired. There are few people that would spend hours upon hours looking for a $100,000 home, in outlying areas, but Chip did because he cared about the people. It was never about the house with Chip, always the people.

On his Birthday he sent me a text saying what a great life he has as he was cruising with his daughter and her fiance’. Cruising with Tracy and his daughter was Chips passion, and where he was the happiest. This was a great year for cruising, and he got some ribbing for the dark tan he was wearing this spring and summer. This photo was his birthday photo from the company, which I think captures his persona well, and since Tracy has the same birthday, they make a great pair! The only thing you can’t see is that he is not wearing any socks….a true Chip trade mark.

I am sad that I lost my friend, but I am happy to have had the opportunity to share so many good times with him on tour days and in the office. Seeing him after a week on the boat has taught me to keep our priorities in order. Embrace what you love and as Kirk Lent shared “You left the party too soon Chip. I hope there’s a sweet yacht up there with a full bar and a tube to watch re-runs of the Big Lebowski. Rest in peace my friend…” We will all miss you.