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Celebrating Diane Thomas’ 10th Anniversary with Windermere Professional Partners!

Diane Thomas Professional Headshot of Diane Thomas April 20, 2017
Last updated July 2, 2019

Diane Thomas has been in the Real Estate industry for 37 years, and we are ecstatic to be celebrating her 10th anniversary with Windermere Professional Partners! “I was raised by the golden rule” says Diane, “and in real estate sales, I feel my ethics and always putting my client’s needs first have been reasons for my 37 years of success.” Her favorite part about her career as a REALTOR® is helping her clients successfully negotiate contracts. Diane loves that her career has allowed her to help so many families and friends time and again including now helping their grown children. She enjoys meeting new people to successfully help them with their real estate goals all while having the freedom in her schedule to spend time with her family and travel with her husband taking amazing trips on their boat!

North Tacoma Branch Manager Michael Handy says, “Diane is where every Realtor would like to be. She has put in the due diligence to afford the time to enjoy life. She has steadfast systems in place for her clients, which allow her to work remotely at times and never miss a beat.”