Windermere Professional Partners

WPP Welcomes Erin Goodwill

Erin Goodwill Professional Headshot of Erin Goodwill September 18, 2018

Windermere Professional Partners is proud to welcome Erin Goodwill to the office located at 2727 Hollycroft Street, Suite 210, in Gig Harbor!

REALTOR® Erin Goodwill loves that her name “good will” says it all! She deeply cares about each experience she has with her clients, and she always ready to cater to her clients’ individual needs.

“I am excited to join WPP because we are just that, Professional Partners!” Says Erin. “We believe our clients deserve the absolute best, and we work together to achieve it.”

Having spent 20 years in the hospitality industry, Erin has worked with and for every type of personality imaginable! Her decades in hospitality were spent working for Estee Lauder and for some of the best restaurants in Seattle, and this vast experience has supplied her with the tools she needs to adapt to almost any situation. She’s also had the time to constantly improve her people skills.

“Erin’s first priority is representing her clients’ interests with peak efficiency and effectiveness.” Says Branch Manager Steven Easton. “Her enthusiasm and drive are contagious, and anyone working with or alongside her will find that she is a tremendous collaborative partner. We couldn’t be happier to have Erin as part of our brokerage!”