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Why Do People Love Fircrest So Much? Joyce Shipley Has the Inside Scoop

Joyce Shipley Professional Headshot of Joyce Shipley October 3, 2017

A small city located in between Tacoma and University Place, Fircrest is a charming, community-focused area. Filled with residents who care deeply about their community and all of its great amenities, it’s no surprise that people are so attracted to this little town!

REALTOR® Joyce Shipley gave us some insight as to exactly why people love Fircrest:

“Fircrest is one of my favorite communities,” shares Joyce. “...It has a beautiful country club and golf course, one of my favorite soup and sandwich shops (Espresso Yourself) and one of the only places in the area to buy swimsuits year around… Fircrest Swim Shop.”

In addition to its shopping opportunities and delicious eateries, there’s also ample opportunity to get outside and meet your neighbors: “It has a wonderful Community Center and Park including a large swimming pool (outdoor) as well as the brand new Wainwright Elementary School.” (Joyce also adds that the high schools are split between Tacoma and University Place.)

Joyce received some input from local Teresa Olsen as well, another person who loves the town: “Fircrest is a lovely small town to raise a family in,” weighs in Teresa. “A nice community center, swimming pool and even a tot lot pretty much covers all ages of a family. Neighborhoods are quiet and crime is very low and Fircrest is just one step out of Tacoma.”

Curious to check out homes in Fircrest? Joyce advises that while Fircrest is an older community, it has some new homes in the mix, too. “So whether you are looking for a home with character or a newer home, you can find it here!”

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