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Tacoma Spotlight: Discover Over 40,000 LPs & CDs at Hi-Voltage Records on 6th Ave

April 26, 2018
Last updated June 20, 2019

One of REALTOR® Stacey Gendreau's favorite spots in Tacoma is Hi-Voltage Records, a must-visit place if you’re growing your record collection or are on the search for something special.

“If you've thought about starting a record collection, or just adding to what you have started, Tacoma has one of the best record stores around!” shares Stacey. “Located right on 6th Ave, Hi-Voltage Records, which has been around since 2005, has a collection of over 40,000 LPs and CDs available for sale. The crew is extremely helpful, friendly, and always willing to help you find that rare album you've been searching for!”

For Stacey, the whole experience is truly something special. “I love the sound of a needle on a vinyl record as it spins! ...There is something sentimental about picking up an album, pulling it out of its sleeve, setting it on the turntable, and gently laying that needle down. The sound is warm and nostalgic. One of my favorite albums to listen to is Willie Dixon’s 'I Am the Blues.'"

And as if over 40,000 records and CDs weren’t enough, “They also have turntables and a large variety of cool t-shirts!” You’ll also find cassettes, DVDs, stereo equipment, and more in the mix, making this a one-stop shop.

Do you have a question about Hi-Voltage Records or living in Tacoma’s 6th Ave neighborhood? Get in touch with REALTOR® Stacey Gendreau at!