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Sup­port Class­rooms in Need of Learn­ing Mate­ri­als on DonorsChoose​.org (31 Mil­lion US Stu­dents helped)

Kyle Rossman Professional Headshot of Kyle Rossman December 5, 2018 was set up as a way for the community to give back to the classroom where we were all raised,” shares REALTOR® Kyle Rossman. “The organization is a way for anyone and everyone to give back to some of the hardest working professionals in the community, our teachers.”

Back in 2004, Charles Best was working as a teacher at a public high school in the Bronx. He was making photocopies of Little House on the Prairie for his class (he could only get his hands on one copy), and he started to think about all of the money he and his fellow teachers were spending on basic learning materials for their classes.

Charles figured if people knew about it that they might want to help, and he put together a website where teachers could share their various requests and people could choose which things they wanted to support. And was born!

The website has grown a great deal since then (over 3.5 million people have donated!), and now teachers from across the country submit their projects. “Donors go into the site and pick which programs they want to donate to and the amount of the donation. It is a great way to give back to teachers and students to better their learning environments and experiences,” says Kyle.

According to the website, 31,801,816 students have benefited from the donations so far. Click here to learn more about how it all works, and browse different classrooms to support here.

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