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Shampooch, the Self-Service Dog Wash on 6th Ave in Tacoma is a Must-Visit Spot for Dog Owners

December 20, 2018
Last updated June 20, 2019

If you have a four-legged friend in the Pacific Northwest, then you know all-too-well that this time of year can only mean one thing: mud, mud, and more mud! REALTOR® Stacey Gendreau highly recommends checking out Shampooch on Tacoma’s 6th Ave, a self-service dog wash.

“This great local business provides you with the opportunity to bond with your pup while giving your back a break!” says Stacey. “No more bending over the tub at home! Shampooch has large/tall tubs that your dog can walk right up into. Once your pup is in place, you put on the waterproof apron provided for you, then get started!”

Everything you need is right there: “The water is temperature controlled, so not too hot or too cold. Shampooch also provides a variety of shampoos for you to choose from depending on your dog’s needs. They also provide ear cleaner, brushes, combs, towels, nail clippers, industrial hair dryers, and best of all, they clean up after you!”

According to the Shampooch website, prices are based on the size of your dog. Enjoy using professional, high-quality products and equipment without having to worry about buying and storing it all yourself. They also sell treats and toys for your convenience as well!

“Shampooch is a great little local business that provides a nice place to spend some time with your dog!” adds Stacey. “After you visit, both your and your best friend will be happy you did!”

Have a question? REALTOR® Stacey Gendreau is happy to chat—if you have any questions about Shampooch, pet-friendly businesses, or Tacoma real estate, you can reach out to her right here.