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Roasted in Tacoma: Shining the Spotlight on Valhalla Coffee Co.

Stacey Gendreau Professional Headshot of Stacey Gendreau April 4, 2018

Have you ever been on 6th Ave, and suddenly… you smelled something rich and amazing? That, my friends, is the smell of happiness here in the Pacific Northwest! We have Valhalla Coffee Co. to thank for these amazing roasts wafting through the neighborhood, and REALTOR® Stacey Gendreau is especially fond of this iconic Tacoma staple.

“As you drive down 6th Ave, no doubt you can smell the coffee being roasted!” says Stacey. “Stop in to watch Tyson at work roasting beans, and pick up a fresh bag of coffee! It’s always great to stroll in for a hot cup of coffee with the fantastic crew, who is always happy to see you either at the 6th Ave location or over at their location in 7 Seas Brewery off Jefferson.”

Whether you drop in to pick up a bag of beans or a fresh cup of magic (or both, as Stacey recommends!), you have a large selection of top-quality products to choose from. French roast, an espresso blend, and a selection of other roasts (plus decaf options!) are all available, and you can even order your favorites online. (Tip: These especially make great gifts around the holidays, or if you’re visiting family out of town and want to bring them something unique from Tacoma! Bring them something delicious all while supporting an amazing Tacoma business.)

As for their drink menu, Valhalla keeps things simple, with the focus on high-quality brews and classic beverages. “My favorite is an extra hot soy latte!” recommends Stacey. What’s your favorite Valhalla brew?

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