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High School Football Season: The Perfect Way to Enjoy Autumn & Support Your Community!

Monica Wylie Professional Headshot of Monica Wylie September 20, 2018

“The crisp chill of the night air... The on-again, off-again and definitely on-again rain showers…. The turning of the leaves from vibrant greens to golds and reds… And the bright stadium lights… these are all signs of one, adrenaline-pumping, community tradition: high school football!”

REALTOR® Monica Wylie loves the autumn tradition of bundling up and heading out to enjoy a high school football game: “This is where the love of the game is pure and the love of the community is even more pure. And Pierce County has some of the finest venues in the area to partake in such a gladiator spectacle,” she shares.

“Not only are you able to immerse yourself in the community—you can take it one step further and immerse yourself in the culture of the local schools whether it’s date night, family night, or just your love of the game!” Want to check out a game this season? You can take a look at game schedules HERE!

“If you already have a school near and dear to your heart, you can certainly check out their website directly for all of the particulars,” Monica adds. Is the high school you attended nearby? Returning to take in a game might be the perfect way to spend a fall evening! “Pierce County is a haven for athletic talent, including on the gridiron. Your support of these student-athletes extends beyond the game itself for it is a game-changer.”

Like any good football fan, Monica knows the ins and outs of how to prepare for game day. Here are a few of her tips and reminders:

  • Dress for the weather.
  • Familiarize yourself with the host stadium regulations. Once you decide on which game you would like to attend, you can look up the stadium information.
  • Plan on paying the admission fee in cash and have additional cash for any concessions.

Then... buckle up for some good, old-fashioned football and fall in love all over again!

Do you have a question about high school football in Pierce County? Want to know more about the best stadiums and games to attend? Get in touch with REALTOR® Monica Wylie here!

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