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WPP Realtor Jeff Williams Featured in South Sound Magazine!

testing January 9, 2012

South Sound Magazine recently wrote an article about the incentives and benefits of restoring historic homes here in Tacoma. WPP Realtor Jeff Williams was featured in the story. Jeff is a partner in the South Sound Property Group and is experienced at restoring historic homes.

Many people don’t realize they can apply to get their home or building considered for any register. And sometimes they are concerned that if their home is on a historic register, that it will limit what they can do to their property. But it’s not as restrictive as you might think and the benefits – such as the Tacoma tax break, can make it more than worth it, said Jeff Williams of Windermere Real Estate in Tacoma. He has restored and flipped more than 30 historic homes in California and in the South Sound and also is on the Historic Tacoma board. He’s also a historic homeowner.“ I see it as a positive . I’m always encouraging clients to list their home on the historic home register,” he said. He’s saving nearly $1,000 a year in property taxes thanks to the city’s special tax valuation program for renovations he made on his own home. – South Sound Magazine, “This Old House”

Jeff’s knowledge of historic homes is extensive. If you’re looking for an expert as you move forward with buying or selling a historic home, contact Jeff today!