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The Nichols Com­mu­ni­ty Cen­ter on Fox Island

Maggie Schauble Professional Headshot of Maggie Schauble August 27, 2015

Located near the center of Fox Island, the Nichols Community Center was built in 1934 and was originally the Fox Island School house until 1954. Now, it serves as the meeting place for many of the events that the approximately 3,000 residents of Fox Island enjoy.

Groups like FICRA (Fox Island Community Recreation Association), Boy Scouts, and Girl Scouts all meet there, and events like The Jeff Feagin yearly plant sale, the Easter egg hunt and the Christmas tree lighting all take place there. It is also the home of the Annual FICRA Fair that is held every August!

The Nichols Community Center is also a place where residents like to gather and play; parents love letting their kids play in the park, and it’s fun, friendly atmosphere on a warm sunny day.

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