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Ed Aro Professional Headshot of Ed Aro February 21, 2017

You'll hear a lot of jargon in any profession, and Real Estate is no different. At Team Aro, we want to make sure you understand it all. Nothing we do is kept secret.

Once a week in this blog series, we will go over some of those jargon terms!

This Week? The CMA or Home Valuation

Keep in mind, this is not an appraisal. This is the initial step taken for you to understand the market better, and where your home fits in. An agent that does not offer this service for free is one you might not want to work with. At the very least, you can negotiate a free CMA. This is a no obligation offer.

The agent you choose will go through comparable properties in the area, taking into account features of your home. Your agent should have a working knowledge of what the market is doing in their area.

By the end of the process, you should be confident in the price range of your home. Keep in mind, a CMA you received 6 months ago is likely not going to reflect current or accurate information now.

As always, I would recommend getting at least three opinions from different realtors and realtor teams. That way you can be confident you are hiring the right people to represent you.

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Next Week? The Importance of Staging


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