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Supporting Our Youth Through Sports: Spotlight on Gig Harbor Little League

April 25, 2016

Gig Harbor Little League isn’t just a sports association; it’s a stand-up organization that’s having a huge, positive impact on our community in numerous ways! REALTOR® Chris Burk is passionate about the organization, and this year, Chris and his partner Debbie sponsored GHLL. He’s been to several games already this season, and is looking forward to a great year ahead!

Chris and many other members of our community see the value in supporting our youth through sports. It’s about so much more than the game—it’s about teaching kids vital life lessons. Things like dealing with failure, never giving up, the importance of teamwork, the value of commitment, and of course having fun are a few of the key lessons that can be learned by playing on a little league team.

“Little league player numbers are going down due to more and more summer baseball teams,” shared Chris. “Support and community involvement can help keep little league teams up and running for years to come!”

Would you like to learn more about Gig Harbor Little League? You can get more info HERE, or reach out directly to REALTOR® Chris Burk to get his perspective!