Windermere Professional Partners

Celebrating Cyrus Bonnet’s 5th Anniversary with Windermere Professional Partners!

Cyrus Bonnet Professional Headshot of Cyrus Bonnet May 9, 2016

“I love the ability to help veterans and the community, but really enjoy getting people into homes that never thought they could and who truly needed guidance. Real estate was going to be a temporary thing for me when I started to learn the Buisness side of the world, but it turned out I enjoyed it more than I thought and with hard work it paid off. Now I love it more than any other job I have had, and it is now truly a career.”
- Cyrus Bonnet

“It is a great pleasure having Cyrus working as a REALTOR® for WPP. With a Military background and the passion to help those in need of housing, Cyrus’s clientele have been well taken care of. Within the office Cyrus has and continues to be a good and positive influence on the fellow REALTORS® that surround him, always helpful and willing to share his knowledge!”
-Michael Handy
WPP North Tacoma Branch Manager