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4 Fascinating Facts About the History of DuPont

May 26, 2017

We asked Michelle Pihlman to share some of her great knowledge about DuPont with us, and here are 4 facts about DuPont’s fascinating history:

1. Fort Nisqually was established over 180 years ago.

There’s not much in our area that is as old as Fort Nisqually! “Fort Nisqually was established in 1833 in DuPont as an outpost for traders bringing animal firs to the Hudson’s Bay Company. The fort closed in 1869 and by the 1930s many of the buildings were in disrepair,” shares Michelle.

2. Fort Nisqually was actually moved from DuPont to Pt. Defiance Park.

“In 1933 the Young Businessmen’s Club of Tacoma started work to try to preserve the remaining buildings and were able to relocate two of the original buildings to Pt. Defiance Park in Tacoma,” says Michelle. “Thanks to those Tacoma preservationists, we can still visit Fort Nisqually today in its new location. In DuPont we can view the field where the fort once stood off of what is now Center Drive.”

3. DuPont used to supply dynamite to companies located all around the world.

“In 1906 the DuPont Company built an explosives manufacturing plant that supplied dynamite to some of the largest construction projects in the world. The company constructed a town for its workers and some of the original homes and buildings still exist in DuPont’s Historic Village neighborhood. The DuPont Museum is housed in a building that was the former meat market back in 1917.”

4. DuPont used to have its very own school district.

DuPont’s first school was started in 1840, and was called Nisqually Methodist Mission School. In 1852, the first public school was started. “DuPont had its own school district before consolidating with the Anderson Island School District to join the Steilacoom Historical School District on February 11, 1975,” shares Michelle. “Today students from DuPont in 4th grade, 5th grade and high school attend schools in Steilacoom.”

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