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Zachary Jankelson

  • Gonzaga University, Class of 2016, BA in Communications, Minor in Public Relations
  • I stay as involved as possible with charitable events coordinated by the Lakewood Police Department, including the annual Shop With a Cop event around Christmas every year. Funds are provided each year for children to pair up with an officer and Christmas shop for their entire families.

REALTOR® Zachary Jankelson was taught from a young age that hard work and a head down attitude toward productivity are integral in determining your personal success, and he’s taken these lessons to heart. Zachary has a mind full of ambition, and with each transaction, he’s ready to hit the ground running.

As a skilled conversationalist with a premium on building connections, Zachary believes that all relationships—interpersonal or business—are based on an ethically fiduciary attitude toward mutual success, and that you cannot have a truly beneficial, productive professional relationship without first nurturing a relationship on the interpersonal level. With a BA in Communications from Gonzaga University (specialty in Interpersonal and Business Communications), Zachary is a natural at building relationships and fostering trust from the beginning. Zachary’s friends and family know him as someone who is warm, inviting, and appreciates a good sense of humor and lightheartedness.

Zachary’s family is deeply involved in real estate development, and it’s been a presence in his life since he was born. Over the years he’s gained experience from multiple angles, whether it was from learning about multi-family rentals or commercial investment property. Now, he’s ready to bring his background into the residential world and add new layers to the family legacy.

Most recently, Zachary worked at a background screening company, immersing himself in the ins and outs of multifamily housing, leasing, credit law, and CRA practices. Previously, he worked in advertising sales, and spearheaded a project with Disney and ABC that secured 28 corporate sponsorships which placed 14,000 books into a number of Title 1 schools in the Inland Northwest community. He also has experience in eSports journalism and content management, retail, promotions, and stage production.

Zachary has lived in Lakewood since 2003, and recently purchased his first home there. He’s a gamer, eSports enthusiast, music fiend, hiker, and chef. He’s also a connoisseur of classic television and movies who believes that the Dick Van Dyke Show is perhaps the greatest piece of art to ever have crossed the airwaves.

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