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Tanisha Lopez-Chhouy

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REALTOR® Tanisha Lopez-Chhouy’s strong work ethic enables her to excel in any job she takes on, and she loves meeting new people and learning from their experiences—the perfect combination in real estate!

As someone who works with integrity and gives 100% to everything she does, Tanisha serves her clients by looking out for their best interests and going the extra mile. Whether you’re trying to find the perfect home or selling a home, you can count on her to get the job done in a diligent and professional manner. She wants you to be satisfied and happy, with everything going as smoothly as possible. Plus, Tanisha’s dynamic personality helps her to accommodate many different types of people and situations based on everyone’s individual needs.

Tanisha has a degree in business management, and the time she spent working while attending school full-time has given her a wide range of experience. She worked in the caregiving field for 5 years, and also gained experience as a restaurant host.

Nothing makes Tanisha happier than the smile on her mother’s face, and in addition to being an all-around awesome woman, her mother is Tanisha’s role model. Currently, Tanisha lives on Fox Island, and she loves going on scenic hikes, enjoying beautiful clear water, and spending time in the sunshine. Tanisha would love to travel more often to experience different cultures, and she absolutely loves food!

Q: What can clients expect when working with you? How do you typically communicate with them?

A: I am open, transparent, and I provide professional communication. You can call me day or night, and I will do my best to answer your call!

Q: Why are you excited to join Windermere Professional Partners?

A: I am excited to experience the awesome culture at WPP and to connect with other agents, and I can’t wait to use their unique tools and resources to help build the foundation for my business! WPP is going to help me gain the skills and knowledge I need to be a successful entrepreneur.


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