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Rachael Cabral

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Rachael Cabral is in the business of bringing dreams to life.  Born and raised in the Greater Tacoma area, she’s experienced the evolution of the city first-hand.  Rachael has a comprehensive and intimate knowledge of the local real estate market, providing her clients with an informed and insightful assessment of properties. Rachael’s clients appreciate her focus, attentiveness, and dedication, and find that her friendly and passionate personality is present in everything she does on their behalf; she is astute, remarkably meticulous, and diligent in seeing that her clients’ needs are thoroughly attended to. 

Sellers greatly appreciate the targeted strategies she skillfully implements to accentuate each property’s specific features to stand out in the marketplace. For buyers, she provides close, personal attention and will work tirelessly to identify just the right property that meets their budget and lifestyle requirements. Applying her love for design and architecture, Rachael believes that helping her clients visualize a home’s potential and advising them on how to enhance the living space by modifying or adding additional key design elements to meet their personal requirements is important. “Whether my clients are purchasing or selling their home I want them to feel confident and happy about their decision.”

Q: Why are you excited to join Windermere Professional Partners?

“The energy surrounding WPP is very welcoming. Everyone I have met since I first walked through the door has been eager to educate and mentor. To bump shoulders with like professionals that genuinely want nothing more than to see you succeed is very reassuring. Grateful to have joined this community; I truly believe that WPP provides its realtors with all the tools to succeed within this industry. Excited to see where this path leads!”

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