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When it comes to finding her clients the perfect place, Marguerite is known best for her authentic and energetic personality. Her informal, conversational style keeps things fresh, and clients who like having a trusting and friendly connection with their agent will be happiest with Marguerite.

A REALTOR® since 2005, Marguerite has become a nationally sought after expert on real estate marketing in her years as a Tacoma expert. A respected leader in her field, Marguerite has been a guest speaker at conferences and her list of awards keeps growing!

Before entering the world of real estate, Marguerite worked all kinds of jobs. She worked in marketing at a local NPR affiliate, and in customer service roles at R.E.I. and Southwest Airlines.

Q: Where do you currently call home?

A: I live in Downtown Tacoma with my cat Mathilde. I’m most likely to be spotted singing karaoke and partaking in all of the fine Happy Hours downtown has to offer!

Q: What kinds of neighborhoods and real estate do you specialize in?

A: I’m pretty unusual in the real estate field in that I’m a HYPER LOCAL AGENT. I only work in the City of Tacoma, and I spend most of my time working in Downtown Tacoma, the North End and surrounding neighborhoods. If you're trying to find an agent in another community, I’m happy to help connect you!

Specializing in a very focused area allows me to stay super up-to-date and knowledgeable when it comes to listings in the area. I also have the added benefit of being able to offer clients my firsthand experience, since I work, play and live in in Downtown Tacoma!

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