Windermere Professional Partners
  • One of my businesses donates a share of its profits to a fund to help patients at Mary Bridge Children's Hospital.

REALTOR® Kyle Grote has been his own boss for over a decade now, which means he is also a professional problem solver! Running his own businesses has also allowed Kyle to become an expert on customer service, and he’s ready to go the extra mile for his clients. He believes in customer service before profit, and Kyle wants to make sure his clients’ needs are all taken care of!

When Kyle was 23 years old, he opened his first business, a pizza restaurant. Just 21 days after deciding to begin this business, he was able to open up to serve his first customers. Kyle knows what it means to work under pressure, and he knows how much work can go into running a successful operation. Getting permits from the health department, passing numerous inspections, figuring out how to fix a commercial dough mixer, and meticulously balancing the books are just a few of the tasks that Kyle has tackled as a business owner. When there’s a problem, he figures out how to solve it!

Over time, Kyle opened 3 different restaurants, and although he still owns 2 of them today, he has shifted his focus to his real estate career. During his time actively running his restaurants and buying and selling cars, Kyle was also able to hone his negotiation skills. Not only does Kyle enjoy negotiating and haggling, but he also loves putting his hard-earned negotiation skills to the test. His previous businesses prepared him well for helping his clients navigate the many intricacies of real estate transactions.

Buckley is Kyle’s hometown—he’s from here, he grew up here, he graduated from White River High School, and Kyle still calls Buckley home today. Kyle loves playing board games where he can also enjoy fellowship, friends, and healthy competition (learning to strategize diplomatically with other players is a definitely learned skill!). He also loves ultimate frisbee for similar reasons—while it’s a good way to exercise, Kyle really appreciates the “spirit of the game” and how inclusive the community is.