Windermere Professional Partners
Professional Headshot of Kayden Sharp

REALTOR® Kayden has a genuine passion for making things work. He’s always had a knack for solving problems, resolving arguments, and finding a healthy outcome in challenging situations for all parties involved. Real estate has provided Kayden with an environment that allows him to use these abilities to their full potential, and he enjoys every moment of it!

Since Kayden was 13 years old, he has been working in different customer service roles. Each job has allowed him to broaden his knowledge and improve the power he has to help people. Every role has also taught him a new way of thinking when it comes to providing excellent customer service.

Kayden lives in Tacoma, and he loves seeking out the adventures and passions that life has to offer as much as possible. Whether it be making music, painting, snowboarding, hiking, mountain biking, traveling, cooking, working out, or enjoying comedy, he’s most likely tried something at least once!

Q: What can clients expect when working with you? How do you typically communicate with them?

I'm a very “up front, get the details out of the way” type of person. Especially when it comes to communication. In my opinion, problems are solved by the bold and the people who are willing to step up and ask for solutions. So, I apply this philosophy to my business. After all, the worst response you can get is a no!

When I am communicating with my clients, I rely heavily on phone call-based communication so that inflections and tone of voice are never lost. This is a personal choice that I've found to consistently be the best for most parties involved. This is especially true when delivering good news, but even more important for delivering not-so-good news.

Q: Tell us more about the kind of real estate you specialize in.

I specialize in rental and investment properties. One of my main focuses in joining real estate is to help people build and learn how to build wealth over time.

Q: Why are you excited to join Windermere Professional Partners?

I joined a group of truly passionate agents. My biggest fear in real estate is impersonal communication and tactics, and I know there isn't an ounce of that here.