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Professional Headshot of Katie Rounds

REALTOR® Katie Rounds is passionate about making her clients’ lives easier, and she is ready to be a buffer for all of the difficult moments that arise during the buying and selling process. Katie’s many years in the restaurant industry taught her how to think on the fly and how to stay calm, cool, and collected in the midst of chaos, all of which are incredibly helpful skills to have in the midst of a transaction!

Before beginning her real estate career, Katie spent 15+ years in the restaurant industry. Katie is originally from Colorado, and a little over 10 years ago she moved to Washington state to pursue her restaurant career.

Today, Katie lives in Tacoma and she loves working on fixing up her house and working in her garden (she also loves collecting houseplants!). Katie and her husband are also very passionate about dog rescue; they have 4 dogs that they have adopted, and they’re devoted to making sure that they have the best life possible!

Q: What can clients expect when working with you? How do you typically communicate with them?

A: I'm a really good listener and very people oriented, and my calm confidence puts people at ease. I make quick connections with people that turn into long lasting relationships, and I'm a very comfortable person to be around. I am kind, relatable and empathetic.