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James Fisher

Purpose, passion, patience, and persistence: These are the four values that REALTOR® James Fisher lives by. James believes that when something drives you, it’s much more than a goal—it’s truly a standard you live by, and that is your purpose. James also believes that passion is what keeps you excited, patience must be consistently practiced and requires discipline, and persistence is about the never-ending pursuit, the reason to win, and the reason why James never gives up!

James’ approach to real estate has three key disciplines: Communication, Empathy, and Listening. These three key steps help James to identify and cater to each individual’s needs; James knows that while many people have different preferences, in the end, we’re all just people with similar basic needs! James is passionate about personal development, and he feels that he owes it to the people around him to bring his best self to the table every day. The most satisfying thing to James is knowing that everyone he works with has been heard, and has the confidence to speak and be involved.

Currently, James lives in North Tacoma, and before becoming a REALTOR® he worked for a few local family-owned companies within the hospitality industry. This experience helped him focus and develop his professionalism, and he learned the value and consequences of being a leader. James learned to continuously educate himself, to seek knowledge and identify the value from other’s experiences. He also learned to never ask someone to do something that he would not do himself. James believes that it is not what you do in your life, but who you bring up with you in the process that truly matters.

Q: What can clients expect when working with you? How do you typically communicate with them?

A: I am very genuine and truly enjoy helping others, this is what drew me towards the hospitality industry. Once in the hospitality industry, I wanted to help beyond the scope of our guests and I became involved with training and development. I take the time to listen, and I have a deep and empathetic approach to challenges. Transparency is vital to ensure functionality isn’t jeopardized.

The thing that makes me unique is my level of optimism and genuine joy from helping others attain the things they desire most. I have always had the ability to remain poised under high-stress situations so that others have a positive example and a natural sense of security when working with me.

Q: Why are you excited to join Windermere Professional Partners?

A: I’m looking forward to being a part of a network of professionals and competitive individuals who are willing to assist at anytime, day or night. Also, Windermere Professional Partners’ has over 125 years of combined management experience which offers an incredible backbone. I’m looking forward to being part of something that is more than just the individual.

customer ratings
satisfaction 96%
recommend 98%
performance 99%
James came highly recommended from friends of ours, and the initial introduction went really well. James was reachable seemingly 24 hours a day and was extremely friendly and easy to work with. The entire process went smoothly start to finish, if an issue did arise James was able to provide...
We were very fortunate to find James. A complete professional real estate agent. We will have no other!
It was an extremely difficult closing that lasted almost 2 months due to the buyers problems lenders problems but James stayed patient and professional and advocated for us the whole time
James went above and beyond his job. He was very professional and knowledgeable. He patiently guided me through the sales process and I felt secure that his advice was in my best interests. He was also very caring and friendly. I recommended him to a friend of mine. He took...
I had an extremely pleasant experience during this home searching process which took a full 6 months, and that's all thanks to James Fisher. As first time home buyers, we (my significant other and I) were not sure what to expect and had no knowledge about what the process would...
James Fisher is by far the best agent we have worked with. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to buy or sell. He was extremely communicative during the entire process, professional, honest, and genuinely cares about his clients. I hope we get the opportunity to work with James...
We were interested in buying a condo in Tacoma but didn't really know the area very well, and weren't really sure what kind of condo or location we wanted. We contacted Windermere and asked for an agent to show us a couple places, and they assigned us to James Fisher...
We used James when we bought our house, we thought he was a good match to our personalities, so we wanted to use him again to sell the house. James got personal with us on a professional and personal level, he got to know our whole family, including our fur...
James was always able to meet me for showing and always was available to talk. He was a strong negotiator and helped me get what i wanted out of the house. I would definitely work with James Fisher again because of his work ethic and passion for the job. It...

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