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Professional Headshot of Eugene Bien
Since 2014
  • UC Berkeley - BA in Economics

REALTOR® Eugene Bien specializes in residential and multi-family real estate, and as a process-oriented real estate agent, Eugene makes certain that all of the boxes are checked in your real estate transaction!

Eugene is known for being easygoing and efficient, and he knows that communication is paramount when working through a sale. He strives to make sure his clients are up-to-date with all information. Before becoming a real estate broker, Eugene worked in sales in the computer hardware industry, and was a music producer and performer. Prior to his current role as a broker, Eugene had been involved with several real estate investments, and this experience showed him how important it is to receive feedback from an agent in a timely manner.

Currently, Eugene lives in Dupont, WA and he loves spending time with his family. He also enjoys music production and performance.

Q: What can clients expect when working with you? How do you typically communicate with them?

A: Timely follow-up is key to making sure that the transaction process goes smoothly. I do my best to efficiently communicate through email, phone, and text with my clients.

Q: Why are you excited to join Windermere Professional Partners?

A: I’m attracted to the collaborative nature of this firm.