Windermere Professional Partners
Professional Headshot of Dean Walton
  • Associates of technology Degree in CNC Machining
  • Washington State journeyman card in aerospace machining and manufacturing

REALTOR® Dean Walton believes that there is nothing more life changing and inspiring than touching people’s hearts and helping them reach their goals. For over 20 years now, Dean has worked with the public, and he has made an impact on so many lives along the way!

Dean loves being able to connect with others, and he believes that he was born with an innate ability to read people. He worked as a bartender for 8 years, and absolutely loved all of the human interaction! Dean tries to surround himself with positivity and success, and he works tirelessly to better himself, his relationships with others, and meet his life goals. Clients can rest assured that their needs are Dean’s number one priority, and he’s excited to meet you and learn about your real estate goals!

Dean has also worked as a senior machining mentor. In this role, he had the opportunity to work with individuals with barriers to employment, and he was able to play a key role in helping them get back their independence and identities as productive members of the community.

Dean lives in the Puyallup Valley, and he loves spending time with his wife and their 2 children. They go on all sorts of adventures together, and in addition to traveling to places like Maui, Palm Springs, Disneyland, and Scottsdale, they spend a lot of time at their lake property in Shelton and hiking all over Western Washington. Dean also has several hobbies; he enjoys taking care of his 50+ indoor plants, riding his onewheel all over the Puyallup Valley, going snowboarding, and catching live music shows whenever possible!

Q: What can clients expect when working with you? How do you typically communicate with them?

A: I’m big into energies and vibes. I communicate in a very inviting and progressively energetic style that I find keeps everyone engaged and puts a smile on your face. I can’t emphasize enough the point of my true affinity for the fellow person. I find that listening (and I mean really listening) is a lost art and I feel that when you actually process what an individual has to say from their heart and mind, you can truly create meaningful, lasting connections with another person.

Q: Why are you excited to join Windermere Professional Partners?

A: I've honestly never been more stoked for a journey in life... well, besides fatherhood and marriage! The culture and energy that exudes from WPP is second to none! The status and prestige that comes with Windermere and WPP is very palpable throughout Western WA, and after meeting with Patty at the Puyallup office, it cemented my decision. Every single person I've had the pleasure of interacting with at WPP has been nothing short of spectacular and I’m so excited.