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Since 2015
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Born and raised in Tacoma, REALTOR® Daniel Okey has extensive knowledge of the city’s housing market, and is familiar with the many neighborhoods and communities of Tacoma. He has excellent first-hand experience in property management and everything that goes along with the purchase of a new home.

Prior to his work in real estate, Daniel was a sales associate at T-Mobile for five years. With plenty of experience in sales, customer service, and purchasing homes, Daniel is a definite asset to his clients!

Q: What can clients expect when working with you?

A: I'm a big fan of the saying "actions speak louder than words." I'm a fairly quiet and reserved individual, so I'm not going to wow you with my over-the-top personality, but my clients will be wowed with what I do behind the scenes and how hard I work for them.

Q: Tell us more about the kind of real estate you specialize in! What neighborhoods do you work in?

A: Since I've spent a lot of time crunching numbers and finding homes that would work financially as rentals, I really enjoy working with investors. I’ve worked a lot in the 6th Ave/Hilltop area, and I grew up around the North End, so those are my specialty areas.

customer ratings
satisfaction 96%
recommend 97%
performance 99%
I was living internationally while Daniel Okey was handling the sale of my home. His communications with me were excellent. They were timely and clear, with the appropriate amount of detail. He was also sensitive and responsive to the emotional issues related to selling a loved home. I would confidently...
After being rejected by two other agents, my husband and I were starting to get really discouraged. Then we met Dan. And everything changed. We found a couple of perfect houses, made some offers, and now were in our dream home. Thank you Dan for taking the time to help...
Daniel has been my landlord for my rental in Tacoma since September 2016. He has been great in terms of responsiveness and local knowledge. When I wanted to buy a house in the area, it was easy to reach out to Daniel, and I was glad to be able to...
Dan Okey's professionalism, availability, responsiveness, and over all knowledge and hard work blew my husband and me away during our purchase. We were actually offered over $1,000 off our purchase to work with an "in network" realtor that dealt specifically in VA loans, and ended up turning that down in...
Dan by far exceeded our expectations in helping us to find our first home. He communicated with us nearly every day of the process to keep us updated on new homes, on his contact with sellers and with information from our lender. As first time home buyers, we did not...
a contractor friend suggested Windemere and I am so glad I chose your firm, but particularly Daniel Okey as he was great Daniel Okey always paid close attention to the "bones" of the houses we toured, roof, foundation, wiring and such and gave me great feedback to consider, he was...
If Daniel can work with me selling a house, he can work with anybody!