Windermere Professional Partners
  • Luxury Specialist
  • AS Degree in Mathematics
  • AS Degree in Biochemistry

REALTOR® Barry O’Rorke’s real estate motto is: “Helping you find the right home for you!” Barry’s coworkers describe him as genuine, reliable, and practical; he believes that honesty and integrity are key to success. Barry has lived all over Washington, so he’s familiar with the land and locals, and he's ready to serve as your real estate resource in the Puget Sound!

Barry’s education and background provided him with a variety of skills. When he lived in Seattle, he studied science at the University of Washington, earning a degree in physics/mathematics and biochemistry. He also worked as a pizza chef at the best pizza place in Seattle!

Barry and his spouse love to travel; every year they plan a trip to a favorite location or a new place to explore. Barry is also passionate about good food, and he loves experimenting in the kitchen with new flavors and delicacies. Last but not least, music is his life! Barry is constantly sending song recommendations to his friends, a lot of which come from his YouTube channel. He has created a small fandom on his channel reviewing music.

Q: Why are you excited to join WPP?
My father spent some time with Windermere before opening his own commercial realty company in the Tri-Cities, so WPP was a company I always envisioned myself at sooner or later!