Windermere Professional Partners
Professional Headshot of Alicia Chapman
  • Bachelor's in Zoology & Minor in Psychology from WSU
  • Associates of Science Degree from Pierce College
  • Washington Falconer's Association
  • Longbranch Improvement Club
  • Point Defiance AAZK Chapter

Responsible REALTOR® Alicia Chapman always wants what’s best for her clients. Her business motto is best described as, “when one door closes, let me help you open others.” This means that Alicia’s approach is based primarily on relationships, whether this be with her clients, friends, or family. While she enjoys structure and predictability, Alicia recognizes how each day differs in the real estate world. It’s important to stay present in the moment, and she accomplishes this by remaining in close contact at all times! Alicia is available via texts, emails, phone calls, social media messages, or in-person.

Previously Alicia worked in animal care for almost 20 years, spending most of that time as a zookeeper. The skills she learned in this position translate well to real estate. She is organized, thorough, methodical, detail-oriented, creative, responsible, trustworthy, and flexible. When you visit a zoo, there is a lot happening behind the scenes. Alicia views real estate the same way. An agent must work hard so YOU can enjoy the process!

In her free time, Alicia enjoys playing video games, watching anime, and utilizing various streaming services. She is also passionate about falconry, salsa dancing, and belly dancing. She’s an animal lover, which has led to her involvement in organizations such as the Washington Falconer’s Association and the Point Defiance AAZK Chapter. When Alicia isn’t dedicating her time to helping animals, she volunteers for the Longbranch Improvement Club and spends time with loved ones!

Q: Tell us, why are you excited to join WPP?

WPP's reputation is rooted in the same ideals and ethics I have on a personal level. It seemed like the perfect match, and so far I’m not wrong! There’s a lot of support coming from everyone, and I feel so honored to be a part of it.