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Since 1993

Michael Robinson

  • Peninsula High School
  • Supporter of Windermere Foundation Since 1993

As both a REALTOR® and a homeowner, Michael Robinson really understands the importance of finding just the right place. Not only is there the need to make a good purchase decision, but the house you find is going to be your home, where memories are made and stories begin. Michael’s goal is to always provide clients with real information and obtain real results, focusing on what is best for the client each step of the way.

Since beginning his real estate career in 1993, Michael has participated in over 1,400 successful transactions. Even back in 1993, Windermere was Michael’s top choice: the company’s client-centric values align perfectly with his own, and he loves that one of the defining strengths of Windermere are their market tools that focus on the partnership between the client and the agent.

As a native to the Northwest, Michael definitely understands why so many people are passionate about living here. He grew up in a home that his dad built in Gig Harbor, and today, Michael and his wife and their two children live just about a mile from that house in a home and neighborhood that they love. He knows that family is important, and that means finding a great place to live together!

Q: What can clients expect when working with you?

A: The numbers behind each decision are still very important. With accurate data driving your decisions, you’re in a position to take advantage of the wealth building power that real estate can generate. This means that as your agent, I won’t always be telling you what you want to hear— I’ll only be sharing the truth with you through the lens of the numbers, instead of just going with my gut or the gut of others. “So here are the numbers – so here is the truth.” I’ve learned that a client will always make better decisions when they know what’s going on with the market.

Besides the numbers, there’s the relationship between you and your REALTOR®. There’s a lot of technology in the world today and real estate is certainly an industry that has changed tremendously in the last decade. I feel that it’s my responsibility for my clients to get answers to their questions quickly, and whether it’s a phone call, an email or a text, you can expect a prompt response from me. Most times when you call, you actually get to speak to somebody!

customer ratings
satisfaction 95%
recommend 99%
performance 99%
Oh, everyone should be so fortunate to have you as their agent! Working with you was such a pleasure. Someone to trust, keep with in communication, and to "do the right thing." Loreli Barks